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Make Space, Reduce Treatment Time and Keep Your Teeth!

Orthodontic treatment enhances the attractiveness of your smile, and one way Dr. Steckel can create space for your teeth to straighten is using IPR (=Interproximal Reduction) to “slenderize” your teeth. This procedure also reduces the development of “black triangles” between the teeth-which happens commonly with adult patients.
A research study was carried out to assess dental health after IPR. 43 consecutively treated patients ages 19-71 years of age who had IPR done 4-6 years previously were examined for dental decay. None of them reported sensitivity to temperature after the procedure, and the difference in decay development between the treated (2.5%) and untreated teeth (2.4%) was not significant.*
*Ref: Zachrisson B., et al; AJODO Vol 139, January 2011, Issue 1, pgs. 90-98
IPR can be used with fixed braces or Invisalign or Teen Invisalign treatment. The photo below shows one example of IPR:
In summary, IPR is a quick, easy, and low risk procedure with the benefits of saving time and your teeth.
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DIY Plastic?

DIY PlasticsIf you Google “Straighten my teeth”, one search result is “direct to consumer.”

There are growing options in this area, but one of the biggest is Smile Direct Club (SDC). This option allows you to skip going to an orthodontist. With this, there is no orthodontist office exam. Sounds good- maybe this option is for you?

At home treatment with SDC starts with impressions you take at home, and send into the company. The impressions need to be perfect, or expect delays in getting your aligners. But the steps to getting the aligners also involve a process that may result in you not being approved for treatment, especially if your case is too complicated. In other words, if you need more than 20 aligners to correct your teeth, you are not approved.

That being said, if
1. your case is “mild”, and
2. you’re not too picky,
3. you’re looking to spend as little as possible,
4. you’ve informed yourself,
Then direct to consumer may be an option for you.

But for most patients, straightening teeth is complex. Achieving excellent results for my patients at Orthodontics on Silverlake (OSL) in Dover involves knowing you, your diagnosis, and any limitations in planning your treatment. Most patients getting aligner treatment need more than 20 aligners to correct their bite and address the concerns. I am an “ Elite doctor” with Invisalign and have successfully treated hundreds of patients since 1999. The vast majority of my patients love the Invisalign experience and the results.

If you have any questions about Invisalign and want to get that “Red Carpet Smile” started, call us at 302-672-7776 today. Ask for Anna, or Annabel or Jo and they’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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Ref: Daily News Lifestyle/April 6, 2017/Dr. Jamie Reynolds

It’s not the Wand, It’s the Wizard

Wizard for blog March 2017Orthodontic treatment options for our patients at Orthodontics on Silverlake (OSL) are changing. Your consult and complete orthodontic exam with Dr. Steckel is still the foundation for you and your child’s treatment options and ultimate plan. We get to know you, and develop a custom plan to meet your goals!
Using our Invisalign treatment simulator, we can show you how you will finish before you start your treatment.
Dr. Steckel knows the evidence in orthodontics to best guide you on when to start, what method of treatment method will work best for you and why. As Past-President and Board member of the Mid-Atlantic Ortho Society, she planned continuing education events to educate the local members. She also presents at monthly local study clubs, and attends local specialty study clubs with other orthodontists to stay current and innovative for our OSL patients.
It’s important to schedule an orthodontic consult at age 7 years. Why? If your child needs treatment early, then timing is crucial. At OSL, we review all options, including combining treatments to save you time and money, as well as addressing appearance concerns. For older tweens-teens – ask Dr. Steckel about Teen Invisalign, and also how to reduce the risk of impaction by 80%. For adults-Why wait? It’s time to create that Red Carpet smile!
Call us at (302)672-7776, or go to our website doverorthodontics.com– we are here for you!
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Plastic is…Fantastic!

From the movie ‘The Graduate’ 1967: 
Mr. McGuire: I want to say one word to you. Just one word. 
Benjamin: Yes, sir. 
Mr. McGuire: Are you listening? 
Benjamin: Yes, I am. 
Mr. McGuire: Plastics. 

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Fast forward 50 years…It’s 2017. You decide it’s time to finally straighten your teeth, or get your child’s overbite fixed, or get your smile ready for the big reunion or wedding looming in the near future.
Your dentist and your child’s dentist recommend you call Orthodontics on Silver Lake (OSL) in Dover to consult with Dr. Steckel. You will meet her and her elite OSL team and instantly know you’re with experienced professionals to guide you on the road to your new smile.
Dr. Steckel will review your records and forecast your results with the best treatment options available. Invisalign® is a treatment method using removable plastic aligners that more and more patients choose. As an Elite Invisalign provider, Dr. Steckel has more Invisalign® experience and can show you how you/your child’s smile will improve with her treatment plan.
Other Invisalign® benefits- Comfort, no wire pokes, few food restrictions, easier brushing and flossing, and more flexible scheduling. You can also straighten and whiten your teeth at the same time.
Call (302)672-7776 or e-mail us doverorthodontics.com to schedule you and/or your child’s initial orthodontic consult. We’ll show you plastic is fantastic!


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Why are younger patients ages 8-10 seen by Dr. Steckel at OSL?


Facts about early treatment options for 8-10 year olds:

preteen group

  • A typical 8-10 year old may still have 12 baby teeth
  • Sometimes the baby teeth are stuck and can interfere with the permanent teeth erupting on schedule
  • Sometimes the permanent teeth erupt into the wrong path or position
  • Your family dentist may rely on an orthodontist, such as Dr. Steckel, to check these developmental problems


  • Interceptive Orthodontics may be recommended by Dr. Steckel in Dover, DE for your 8-10 year old after she reviews the diagnostic records
  • This is different than braces, because it is planned to correct a developmental problem with your preteen’s teeth


  • Interceptive treatment can involve an expander, partial braces, space maintainers, or other treatment methods which Dr. Steckel and Team OSL will review with you during your complimentary consulation
  • Call today for your Preteen’s smile evaluation at 302-672-7776 or visit us at www.doverorthodontics.com




See below for a great example of how Dr. Steckel helped a happy pre-teen with his smile:


Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!

In a previous blogpost (Please see Blog for January 2015), I listed "10 Reasons Orthodontics on Silverlake is the Right Choice For You.”

They include how Dr. Steckel and Team OSL meet each patient and 

  • Confirm when is the best time to start treatment, or why waiting to start may be a benefit to you
  • See our patients on time, help our patients finish their treatment plan on schedule
  • Provide regular progress updates
  • Celebrate our patients’ excellent orthodontic results-see our “Before and After Gallery” @www.doverorthodontics.com
  • Revel in the fantastic views at OSL!   


How do we do it??  You’ll know the answer to this in your first visit to OSL- OUR TEAM
Orthodontics is the best profession to be in, and I am thankful to share it with TeamOSL EVERY DAY. 

Team OSL recently attended the annual Invisalign summit. We are so proud that OSL’s own Amy and Amber made the Leaderboard for top scanning times! Call today 302-672-7776 to schedule your appointment and meet #TeamOSL! 


The Three Keys to Total Smile Creation and Management at Orthodontics on Silverlake (OSL)

  1.   We Know the value of a Good First Impression
  • @OSL-We know our patients! Our patients are seen at their scheduled appointment, and 98% finish their treatment on time or early.
  • There’s no substitute for a complete orthodontic evaluation, and cosmetic treatment planning
  • Dr. Steckel customizes each plan, and gives regular progress updates
  • Everybody wants a Red Carpet smile!


  1.   We Know the Evidence*:
  • Early treatment of Class II malocclusions: Parents and patients need to know 2 phases of treatment may not be better in overall outcome and will cost more in time and dollars.
  • Treatment of Open bite malocclusions: Spontaneous closure (13%-40%) is possible with an orthodontic appliance in the mixed dentition. Open bites are very difficult to treat, and to retain. Dr. Steckel encourages patients to be active participants in making their treatment decisions.
  • Treatment of Class III malocclusions: Young patients with small upper jaws may benefit from early treatment. Other patients with more severe “underbites” may benefit more from waiting and addressing the malocclusion surgically.
  • Retention– Interproximal reduction may help reduce relapse. Bonded retainers are sometimes preferred by patients. Removable retainers provide the opportunity for better oral hygiene.
  • Treatment for Patient Satisfaction: Patients rate their highest satisfaction when treatment results include reduction of overjet, improved dental esthetics, oral comfort and appointment policy

* “Evidence-Based Orthodontics” (Ref: Huang, Richmond, Vig 2011, Wiley-Blackwell)


  1.  We Know the best time to start
  • For 7-10 year old patients- esthetic concerns? Can we combine into one Phase of orthodontics?
  • Tweens-Teens – Are all the teeth present? Impactions?
  • Adults- never had treatment OR had treatment and want to re-create a smile they’ve always wanted
  • For Everybody-Periodontal status? Oral hygiene status? Clenching/Grinding? Oral habits? Oral piercings? Time commitments?
  • @OSL- If you like your smile, wear your retainer! “Every night, for a Lifetime”


October is Orthodontic Health Month. Dr. Steckel and Team OSL believe in helping our patients stay out of sticky situations and keeping their smiles bright!

Smile, and Success Smiles Upon You

There is nothing more important than …a good first impression. Having straight teeth may help open the doors to a new partnership, a relationship, or simply a pleasant meeting.

Have you always wanted to fix that one tooth that sticks out? Or close that space in your front teeth? For example, look at Tom Cruise’s early promotional pictures. His career path would have undoubtedly changed without orthodontic treatment.

As we age, our teeth tend to shift and often become crowded, making brushing and flossing more difficult. Can this keep you from showing your best smile?

In 2016, at Orthodontic on Silver Lake, in Dover, we use Invisalign ® , which is

  • Predictable,
  • Comfortable,
  • Wireless


Dr. Steckel and our OSL Team see our patients change their smiles everyday by wearing Invisalign®. We prepare you for the road ahead to your new smile with a review of your orthodontic records and treatment options. Later you can receive a 3D viewer sent to your email so you can track your progress as you change your aligners.


Before you jump in, keep in mind a few lifestyle adjustments you’ll need to ensure optimum results:

  1. You’ll brush more often (as you would with braces) to avoid staining
  2. You’ll remove the aligners to eat, brush, floss
  3. We will place tooth-colored attachments on some teeth- these are key for predictability of your treatment
  4. You can whiten with Invisalign®- ask us how!

If you are ready to get that winning smile, call us at 302-672-7776 to get started today, and in a few weeks you’ll be on the wireless road to a new smile. You can also reach us at doverorthodontics.com.


Love The Gums You’re With

The federal govAngel's Bolg Photos From Dr Steckelernment has recommended flossing since 1979. But when the feds released their latest dietary guidelines earlier in 2016, they omitted the flossing recommendation. The reason? According to the Associated Press(1):

“ ‘The majority of available studies fail to demonstrate that flossing is generally effective in plaque removal,’ said one review conducted last year. Another 2015 review cites ‘inconsistent/weak evidence for flossing and a lack of efficacy.’ “

Two prominent dental professional associations- the ADA and the AAP- cited other studies of the benefits of flossing to prevent plaque build-up which can lead to gingivitis and tooth decay. The problem is the studies cited used small sample sizes and were of short duration, meaning weak evidence for their statements. (2)

Perhaps future studies will include an individualized approach to flossing to better address the controversy, which can be the basis to prove, or even disprove the benefits. Some patients may benefit more than others, based on their medical predispositions or “make-up.”

When I examine patients at Orthodontics on Silver Lake (OSL) in Dover, I review with each new patient their oral hygiene practices, and check the health of their teeth and gums. Patients tell me they do or do not floss, what type of toothbrush, and we discuss options.
All of us know how great it feels to have clean teeth, and we can see the plaque that comes off when we floss or use floss aids. Using floss and/or these aids correctly is key to reaping the benefits, and avoid mistakes that may cause harm.  At OSL, we review how to use floss or other aids when we think there is a need or if the patient/parent asks.
1.  AP “Medical benefits of dental floss unproven”. J. Donn, AP August 2, 2016 pgs. 1-8
2. “Statement from the AAP on Flossing Efficacy”. AAP website, August 2016

Artist and Orthodontist

Before starting my OSL orthodontic practice in Dover, DE, I was an orthodontic resident at the Medical College of Georgia. I studied many orthodontic researchers, including Dr. Jack Dale. Dr. Dale’s life was memorialized recently by Dr. Jim Vaden in the June issue of the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics(1). Dr. Dale published articles on the benefits of “serial extractions,” also known as “guidance of eruption”, based on a diagnosis of orthodontic records. About 20% of orthodontic patients would benefit from this method, if:

  1. They have severe crowding and eruption problems, as seen in their orthodontic records
  2. They begin the plan at age 7-8 yrs, assuming a Class I dental and skeletal development
  3. They continue to be monitored every 12-18 months for timing of extractions (patient’s dentist)
  4. Braces or aligner therapy is begun at about age 12-13 yrs.

As per Dr. Dale, “[a] thorough knowledge of the dentition and development of the craniofacial complex is required in making a number of key decisions throughout the developmental period.”

Extractions of teeth are prescribed in about 20-25% of patients, depending on the orthodontist’s treatment methods (2). Extractions can reduce lip strain, crowding and improve the overall esthetic outcome of an individual’s smile.  Two patients are shown below had extractions with their orthodontic treatment at OSL:

The pososrofevsosssion of orthodontics attracts those who also share an interest in the arts, science, engineering, health, business, and of course, people! Dr. Dale will also be remembered as a talented portrait artist, one of my hobbies. It was a satisfying coincidence to meet Dr. Dale when I was completing my Board certification exam at St. Louis, MO in February 2003. I appreciated his mentoring and lessons in orthodontics, and sharing his knowledge to help improve outcomes for all of our patients.


  1. Vaden, J. AJODO, 2016 Vol 149
  2. Proffit W.R., “Contemporary Orthodontics” 1993 pgs 225-228


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