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Have a Spooktacular Smile This Halloween!

The American Association of Orthodontists and your favorite Dover Orthodontist Dr. Stephanie Steckel offer these tips to keep your teeth safe from decay, and protect your braces or aligners during Halloween season:


  1. Avoid sticky situations-Say boo to hard sticky crunchy or chewy foods or candy! Say yes to soft chocolates. peanut butter cups, or melt in your mouth treats.
  2. Keep it clean-Enjoy your treats AND brush and floss really well after you do! Use your brushes we’ve given you. Ask us for some new brushes and floss at your next appointment and we are happy to oblige!
  3. Orthodontists like Dr. Steckel have spent time planning your treatment so you get the best results. Take care of your metal or clear braces, Invisalign, Teen Invisalign and they will work for you!
  4. At Orthodontics on Silver Lake, we love October and National Orthodontic Health Month- stop in or call us at 302-672-7776, or check us out at www.doverorthodontics.com

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Summer snacks, cool drinks and your teeth

Hope you are having a great summer-whether simply getting outside more and or going to local events in Kent County, DE, we’re busy at Dr. Steckel’s office helping our patients keep their smile improvements on schedule, and healthy.
Our advice for our patients on diet choices was recently supported by a clinical study (Jain, P., Gary J.J; May/June 2014 General Dentistry, pgs. 63-68) undertaken at Southern Illinois University, to examine the relationship between
1. Oral hygiene
2. Consumption of snack foods and
3. Consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages
: Which of these behaviors (or lack there of) present the greatest risk to developing dental decay? What do you think?






Answer: Sugar-sweetened beverages are a stronger risk factor for dental decay than snack foods!! The types of snack foods included fruit, ice cream, salty snacks, and soft candy.
Even though we may brush thoroughly,
maintaining good oral hygiene is not sufficient to prevent dental decay!
Sugar-sweetened beverage consumption is the stronger indicator of dental decay
All Orthodontics on Silverlake patients know this, and make a promise to limit their intake of these beverages.
Look for the next blog post for suggestions on some summer beverage suggestions to keep those pearlies white!

Until then, how about a tall glass of water…?

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