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Invisalign: How it Works

Since 1999 using Invisalign®, and more recently Invisalign Teen®, has been a great option for a variety of our patients’ malocclusions. Adults and teens with:

  • Cross bites,
  • Crowding,
  • Spacing, and
  • Wear on their teeth

Have achieved great orthodontic results!

One of the best outcomes for our patients at OSL has been improved/easier daily brushing and flossing¹ which can have overall health benefits². The video below is a short introduction and next month I’ll post some before and after images of OSL Invisalign® patients.

¹ Gingival Condition Associated with Orthodontic Treatment. Zachrisson BU. Angle Orthod (1/72)
² Increased Prevalence of Cardiovascular and Auto-Immune Diseases in Periodontitis Patients: A cross-sectional study. Neese et al. Journal of Periodontology (6/2010)

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