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National Orthodontic Health Month

We have celebrated National Orthodontic Health Month at OSL for over 10 years. It’s an opportunity for us to remind our patients that some Halloween treats can be harmful to people wearing braces or clear aligners.

It is possible to enjoy some traditional candies at Halloween without causing problems with orthodontics appliances. Kids really want to have fun on this holiday and we encourage patients to enjoy treats that are acceptable, rather than feel that they are missing out. Parents can remind their children that when they are done with orthodontic treatment and they see their new smiles in the mirror, they will feel that any sacrifices they have made were worthwhile.

We have also included a scary hallway and examples of good candy options just for coming in during October. The looks and responses of disbelief are the norm and we are used to it!

As promised, below are examples of patients who recently finished their Invisalign® treatment at OSL:




After 15 months of
aligner wear



After 17 months of
aligner wear

And a short video about the “Efficacy of Invisalign®”:

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