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Choices, Choices! Invisalign® or Braces?

Frequent patient question @Orthodontics on Silverlake (OSL):

“Which should I choose-Invisalign® or Braces?

Answer: “It depends….”

The attached video produced by Align technology is short, and shows fun banter between twin sisters discussing the benefits of Invisalign® treatment over braces.

In my opinion both girls seem happy at the end of the video, as they should be; both of them are seeing their teeth get straighter. When used appropriately each treatment option is predictable over time. When the girls are finished they will each need retainers to maintain the results achieved.

Teen Invisalign® has been a great addition and advancement for all of the Invisalign® treatment options available to me as an orthodontist. Orthodontists (me included) were worried about compliance with Teens, so compliance indicators and eruption tabs were developed. Teens overall have been as responsible as our adult patients in caring for their aligners and achieving wonderful results.

FACT: I have yet to implement the ‘nuclear option’ for any teen patient due to lack of compliance!

Braces (metal or ceramic) are still chosen by our patients -“they are always working” – as we’ve said and parents have said as well. There are lifestyle adjustments with Invisalign® and that sometimes sways patients to choose braces.

Final note- excellent oral hygiene, reduced sugars, sodas and sports drinks is paramount no matter what treatment option you choose.

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