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Sonicare® Toothbrush and Good Oral Health

Orthodontic patients at Orthodontics on Silverlake are usually in good dental health before they begin their treatment. In reviewing their medical history before treatment, I may find prescription meds that can cause dry mouth and/or eating habits that can be detrimental. Frequent meals can subject their teeth to more frequent plaque-inducing acids. So our patients get an education in oral health care, and they are asked to make a commitment to keeping their teeth clean throughout their active treatment. GOOD NEWS: This has been shown to have a lasting impact, long after the treatment is completed.(1)

I have found that patients using a Sonicare® toothbrush have an easier time maintaining their commitment.

  • My OSL team and I observe less stain on our patients’ teeth, and this also was confirmed in a 2010 randomized, multi-center study of 179 adults (2).
  • Another study looked at reducing gingivitis, gingival bleeding and plaque over time and they compared a manual toothbrush to a Sonicare® toothbrush. The Sonicare® toothbrush removed up to 4 times as much plaque than the manual toothbrush, and reduced the bleeding and gingivitis by 2 times.(3)
  • The 2 minute timer in the brush is very motivating, and the mechanism and extent of plaque removal goes beyond manual scrubbing. (4)

We encourage patients to put a Sonicare® on their Christmas wish list this year (not kidding!). Every Sonicare® toothbrush purchased in our office in the month of December 2012 enters you into our drawing for one lucky parent or patient to receive their very own Sonicare® from all of us at OSL.

Good luck, Good health, and Happy Holidays! See you next month.

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