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Straight Teeth, Healthy Gums

So You’re Saying I Can Straighten My Teeth and Make my Gums Healthier at the Same Time…?

As we know, fixed braces can create numerous plaque-retention sites which increase a patient’s risk to develop demineralizations or “white spots”, cavities, or gum infections. The risks are real-whether the braces are on the front of your teeth or on the inside (lingual braces). (1)

Recent clinical trials at the University of Florida and the University of Washington show that periodontal response, or gum health, improves during orthodontic treatment with Invisalign®. (2) This is due to the fact that patients can remove the aligners to brush and floss normally. They also found in surveying the patients that these patients spent more time brushing and flossing, and cleaning the inside of the aligners to keep them invisible.

The other benefit of Invisalign® is the additional splinting effect, which is greater than that of fixed braces. The teeth that are not moving are held stationary without receiving a net force. So tooth mobility-which is normal and necessary during orthodontic treatment- is minimized.(2)

See the video below that dramatizes the health benefits that can be yours when you decide to try Invisalign® therapy. See you next month!

(1)Miethe R.R., Vogt S. “A Comparison of the periodontal health in patients during treatment with Invisalign(R) system and with fixed orthodontic appliances.” J Orofac Orthop 1999;115:83-8.

(2)Boyd, R.L. “Improving Periodontal Health through Invisalign Treatment” Access 2005; 24-26

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