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Are Straight teeth Healthier Teeth?

Patients who consult with me at Orthodontics on Silverlake (OSL) about their smile are motivated to make changes so that their teeth are straighter and their smile is more esthetic and appealing. They can point to the pictures we take at the consult and tell me what they want to change about their smile. It’s an exciting time because orthodontic treatment is in most cases a very predictable process that yields excellent esthetic results for our OSL patients.

Malocclusion also known as a “Bad Bite” affects about 75% of American adults. Malocclusion can include an excessive overbite, protruded front teeth, crowded teeth, and other conditions. When your teeth are not well-aligned they are harder to clean and this can increase your risk for periodontal or gum disease.

There is strong epidemiological evidence that periodontal disease provides an increased future risk for cardiovascular disease, and there is also a moderate link associating periodontal disease with diabetes. (1,2)

One study (3) found orthodontic treatment normalized the

bite forces on the newly-straightened teeth and resulting recovery of the gum tissues, even a year after orthodontic treatment was completed. Another study (4) found that overlapping of incisor teeth is directly related to gingivitis (which can lead to periodontal disease) and this relationship cannot be explained simply by an effect on oral hygiene.

So, straight teeth are healthier teeth.

Invisalign® Treatment can be used to address most patients’ malocclusions and esthetic concerns. The patient pictured below finished her orthodontic treatment in 18 months:









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