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Longterm Health Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

When patients consult with me at Orthodontics on Silver Lake (OSL), some of the more frequent reasons given are

“Fix my Overbite” or “Deep Overbite”

Have you ever wondered why correcting a deep overbite is a good idea?

  • An overbite can be damaging to the teeth and gums and can be an esthetic issue as well.
  • It is measured in millimeters, and a normal measurement is 1-3mm.
  • If the overbite is greater than this then the front teeth may not be fitting together and this can lead to excessive wear of the teeth. Also, your lips may not fit together as well and this can result in damage to the front teeth and/or esthetic issues.







Findings from a Systematic Review of the literature (Huang et al, Journal of the World Federation of Orthodontists, September 2012, 1-3):

  1. Deep Bite occurs in 15-20% of the population
  2. Correction of Deep Bite in the late adolescence is relatively stable,
    especially when the patient in the late teens is still growing after treatment is completed.
  3. No large differences were found in stability of non-extraction vs extraction treatment
  4. Retainer wear-longterm-is still a good idea to support the results

The longterm benefits of overbite correction are appreciated by our patients and their family dentists. Call us @302-672-7776 or contact us @doverorthodontics.com to discuss what orthodontic treatment can do for you.

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