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Protect Your Smile…Get into the Mouthguard Habit!

At Orthodontics on Silver Lake, we’re on Dr. Steckel’s Teeth Straightening Team to get you the results you want with your braces, Invisalign or Teen Invisalign treatment.

Any time you’re engaged in an activity or sport where your face can come in contact with something hard-another player, a ball, the pavement, or a hard object-it’s time to be wearing a mouthguard! NOTE- This includes practice or pick-up games as well.

Mouth guards can help prevent injury to your jaw, mouth and teeth. They cost a lot less than the cost to repair an injured jaw or tooth.

In 1999, a sports medicine study was undertaken at UNC where athletic trainers from 50 division 1 men’s basketball programs were asked to report data on dental injuries and concussions. Only 13 percent of the players wore mouth guards, and those not wearing mouth guards were 6 times as likely to incur significant injuries.

Some injuries need immediate attention-such as

1. If there was a concussion or loss of consciousness- go to the hospital first
2. If a tooth is knocked out -put it in a plastic bag with milk or with the injured person’s own saliva and get to a dentist
3. If a tooth is moved from it’s original position try to have the injured person bite down, and get to a dentist
4. If a tooth was chipped it may be sensitive to touch or cold- see a dentist within 12 hrs to assess the situation

Mouthguards can be designed to fit over your braces and give you the protection you need. If you are on a Dover or Kent County sports team, you can join Dr. Steckel’s Teeth Straightening Team and protect that precious smile with a mouth guard. Or, you can always try another type of protection:

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