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Maybe you did not want “braces’ when you were a teenager. Now you’re an adult and you notice your teeth have shifted, and have discolored. You do not like to smile.

According to respondents to a recent study (1), conducted on behalf of the American Association of Orthodontists, 75% of adults surveyed reported improvements in career and personal relationships which they attributed to their post-orthodontic treatment smile. 92% of respondents say they would recommend orthodontic treatment to to other adults.

An overwhelming majority said their initial concerns went away shortly after treatment began:

With an attractive smile you can face your career and personal relationships with confidence”

“A more brilliant smile and the straightest teeth…gave me confidence to do anything.”

“I found someone who cared about me”

When I meet with new patients at Orthodontics on Silverlake, my team and I get to know you and listen to what you hope to accomplish. We review before and after pictures together, and help you understand what to expect as your smile improves over time.Both Invisalign (R) and braces, with a well-prepared treatment plan, continue to yield excellent results for our adult patients.

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(1) Data from the 2012 AAO Economics of Orthodontics Survey (formerly the Annual Economic Survey and Biennial Patient Census Survey)
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