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When is the Best Time To Begin Orthodontic Treatment?

Our orthodontist, Dr. Stephanie Steckel agrees with the American Association of Orthodontists’ (AAO) recommendation that a child should receive his or her first orthodontic evaluation by the age of 7. By the time a child reaches this age, several aao_logopermanent teeth have erupted, allowing orthodontists to identify possible problems. For some young children, early treatment can reduce the time spent in braces and possibly eliminate the need for future tooth extractions. Even though many children do not need treatment when they are young, a thorough evaluation can help determine if treatment would be beneficial for the child’s dental future.


missingtoothWhen Dr. Steckel has the opportunity to see patients at an early age, she can correct small problems before they become larger, more expensive ones. Early orthodontic intervention may consist of the patient wearing removable or fixed appliances to allow for proper jaw growth and improved tooth spacing.




It’s Never Too Late for Orthodontic Treatment


While starting orthodontic treatment at a young age can be very beneficial in many ways, it is never too late to achieve a healthy, straight and beautiful smile! These days, braces aren’t just for kids, and many of the patients we see at our Dover orthodontic practice are adults. Adults now have many choices when it comes to wearing braces. We offer several different types of braces including metal braces, clear ceramic braces, In-Ovation self-ligating braces and Invisalign, which is a very discreet way to improve one’s smile. Many of the adults we treat opt for clear braces or Invisalign as both are very low-profile in nature.

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Individualized Treatment Based on Evidence


At Orthodontics on Silver Lake, we believe in evidence-based treatment, meaning that we follow clinical evidence to identify the best treatment options and techniques available for every patient. For each patient we see, we provide a clear explanation of his or her specific orthodontic needs, detailed information about the patient’s options, and expert guidance in making the right decisions.


Another reason to get orthodontic treatment as an adolescent

Whether fixed braces or Invisalign (R), most patients will have a stage in their treatment where elastics or rubber bands are worn for optimum results.
imgres One recent Case Report in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (AJO-DO) August 2014, Vol. 146, Issue 2, pages 227-237) showed the power of consistent elastic wear with upper jaw expansion in a growing patient. This treatment could not be done with an adult due to limited treatment options available when growth is not happening.
Elastics align the top teeth to properly fit with the bottom teeth, to fix cross-bites, and to finalize the patient’s treatment results. And, (as they did for the patient above) they can play a role in effecting a jaw correction in a cooperative, growing patient.
A literature review comparing treatment effects of different overbite (“Class II”) correcting appliances showed the results are similar when Elastics are compared with Herbst or imgres2Forsus (R) appliances. Using Elastics with Teen Invisalign can also minimize the side-effects seen with these Class II appliances. The elastics are worn full-time and are a light-type elastic. (AlignTech, March 25, 2014: Common Sense Class II Invisalign Teen Treatment; Barry J. Glaser DMD)
NOTE: These results are comparable ONLY in growing patients, not adults. The changes seen in Teen patients are a combination tooth changes (63%) and skeletal changes(37%).
Which type of appliance is most effective? It depends on the individual situation!  We are seeing  excellent results with our motivated Dover Air Base patients!  Call us for a consultation and Dr. Steckel will meet with you and your child to review options before we begin treatment.
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Whether girl or guy- our patients at Orthodontics on Silver lake are rewarded with great results for their “super” efforts with Elastics!

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