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Load Up Your Christmas Stocking with Ortho Friendly Treats

Merry Christmas to all of our OSL friends! We offer suggestions for treats to enjoy from our OSL blog today, and from previous blogs, to enjoy this holiday season.1113001484216_500X500


Get your child excited about brushing two times a day with a new tooth brush. Sonicare offers brushes for both children and adults, and we have replacement heads here at OSL that will fit right in your stocking.

A tasty treat that will clean your teeth is xylitol sweetened gum, such as Trident, Spry, or Epic gum.

Soft centered chocolates, winter fruits such as clementines, and hot cocoa or egg nog make great Christmas treats for those in braces. But don’t forget to brush after a sweet treat.


An ADA twitter post () mentions looking for products with the ADA seal, such as gum and floss, which make great stocking-stuffers, to guarantee that they are safe and effective for maintaining oral health.B5PCqgRCEAAc2Cr



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