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Protect Your Smile: Wear a Mouth Guard!

Dr. Steckel wants to help make sure our patients are properly protected from sports-related injuries to the teeth, mouth, and face.

Simple and relatively inexpensive protective sports gear, such as mouth guards, can make a big difference in reducing or preventing oral injuries.

In Sports Kida recent survey, the AAO found that 70 percent of parents said their biggest fear is that their child will get hurt while playing organized sports, yet 67 percent admitted that their child does NOT wear a mouth guard during organized sports including football, basketball, soccer and lacrosse.

A recently published study by the University of Alabama at Birmingham analyzed data from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS), a database of injuries treated at hospital emergency departments, for the period 2001-2008. Researchers found the five most common causes of childhood injuries were, in order of frequency, basketball, football, bicycling, playgrounds and soccer.

Because Dr. Steckel and her team at Orthodontics on Silver Lake help kids and adults obtain healthy, beautiful smiles, the last thing we want to see is one of our patients get injured because he/she wasn’t properly equipped. Therefore, we offer mouth guards at our office to our patients, that are specially designed for those wearing braces, at a reasonable cost.

MouthguardIf an accident occurs, causing facial injury, you should go to the emergency room. If there’s any dental damage done, contact your child’s dentist so that arrangements can be made to correct the problem.

While damage to braces can lengthen treatment time, it also can affect results, so contact your orthodontist for advice if damage occurs.  Braces will hold the teeth, and, in certain situations reduce the loss of teeth.

Wear your mouth guard for contact sports to help prevent injuries to the teeth and mouth, and keep it in while on the sidelines!

Ref: AAO website, April 2015

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