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Invisalign for Teens

Are you a teenager in Kent County who isn’t happy with your smile? Do you want to straighten your teeth, but don’t like the idea of having metal brackets and wires on your teeth? Invisalign Teen may be the option for you!

handsome smiling facesDr. Steckel and the OSL team have been treating teens with Invisalign in the Dover, Smyrna and Harrington areas since Invisalign Teen’s inception in 2005. Since then, she believes this ever-advancing process has become more and more predictable for orthodontic corrections.


The advantages of Invisalign Teen are that it is clear, comfortable and virtually invisible! No more worrying about those brackets and wires invading your smile when you’re playing sports, on a date or hanging out with your friends. invisalign alignersSince Invisalign Teen is removable, with easier brushing and flossing, less dietary restrictions, and no “wire poke” emergencies for you and your parents to deal with! And no worries about lost clear aligner costs; three free replacements are included.


Invisalign Teen is changing the way teens in Invisalign teen patientTownsend, Magnolia, Camden-Wyoming, and the surrounding areas look at orthodontic treatment. You’ve got enough to worry about as a teenager, so why not cross braces off the list, and consider the comfortable and clear option of Invisalign Teen before heading back to school this fall!


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What you drink matters!

Last summer the OSL Team told you that consuming sugar-sweetened beverages during your orthodontic treatment with braces can contribute to some serious dental decay. A recent study on salivary pH explains why. (Turssi, C., Silva, C., Bridi, E., Amaral, F., Franca, F., & Basting, R. (2015). Kinetics of salivary pH after acidic beverage intake by patients undergoing orthodontic treatment. General Dentistry)

DRINKS  Our favorite sugar-sweetened drinks like soda and juice contain a lot of acid. The saliva that our mouth produces is an important biological agent that dilutes, clears, and buffers acids by providing proteins, minerals and electrolytes. According to the study, the presence of orthodontic appliances doubled the time salivary pH was below the critical level for enamel. This means, when compared to a group of subjects who were not undergoing orthodontic treatment, those who had appliances such as Invisalign, traditional braces or retainers demonstrated slower recoveries of their salivary pH numbers.

This slower salivary recovery time can place patients at a higher risk of dental erosion. Dr. Steckel and the rest of the team at Orthodontics on Silver Lake recommend that in order to avoid dental decay and possibly dental erosion, patients undergoing orthodontic treatment stay away from sugar-sweetened beverages. Instead, teens and adults can consider alternatives such as lemonade sweetened with honey, coconut nectar, coconut sugar, or xylitol; milk or water! (Try adding some strawberries, cucumbers, mint or lemons to that water for some extra flavor)

Are you an athlete in Kent County or at the Dover Air Force Base whose coach wants you to drink some Gatorade to keep you hydrated during practice or games? That’s fine; just keep some water with you to sip on as well! Students in Smyrna, Camden-Wyoming, Dover and Magnolia please avoid the beverage dispensers and go for the water.

The team at Orthodontics on Silver Lake hopes you’re enjoying your summer! Remember to have fun, stay hydrated, and keep brushing after meals!

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