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Having smile confidence is important at any age, and can be huge for children and teenagers.  Teenagers deal with self-esteem issues as a common riteteen smiles of passage, and today’s teens have to do it on-line and off-line. This is an added challenge in their already challenging lives.

Nearly 5 million teens want to improve their appearance, including their body shape, height, skin, and teeth.

An on-line survey of this group of 13 to 17-year-olds and their moms was recently done. (1) Generally the moms want to do what’s best to help their teens learn self-acceptance. The survey showed that moms in general may underestimate how embarrassing it is for their teens to wear braces.

At Orthodontics on Silver Lake in Dover, having used Invisalign for over 16 years, I know aligner therapy can be just as effective as metal braces, assuming good cooperation with either method. Oinvisalign-teen aligner with compliance indicatorne benefit of Invisalign are “compliance indicators” built into the aligners-which change color with aligner wear. These can be very motivating for our patients and help them stay on track. In fact, one study demonstrated teens are more reliable than adults in wearing their aligners(2).

If your teen/child wants to improve his/her smile, now is a great time to check into the treatment options. Call Dr. Steckel at 302-672-7776 and speak with our award-winning scheduling coordinator. We look forward to seeing your future smile started today! And remember, we love to treat moms, dads and grandparents too!
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(1)Invisalign Teen Confidence Survey-2014
(2)”Effectiveness of a Compliance Indicator for Clear Aligners” Journal of Clinical Orthodontics; Tuncay et al.

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