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Tidying up for Healthier Teeth and Gums!

A recent post from the Fitbit blog discusses getting organized and throwing away old items that clutter up your home environment.  “Having a clean kitchen or home makes you feel more in control and primes you to stay in control”, says Dr. Brian Wansink in the blog post. According to the author, his most successful clients (for weight loss) are the ones that adjust their surroundings to support their positive habits.

Clean SinkAt Orthodontics on Silver Lake, we focus on healthy food and oral hygiene practices, and we’re always encouraging our patients to practice the same. As I read this blog, I thought how nice it is to use a clean sink not only in the kitchen, but also when I’m brushing, flossing or using my new WaterPik Water Flosser. Can tidying up the bathroom sink help us do a better job with our oral hygiene? Why not?
Think of a clean sink, with your toothbrush, paste, mouth rinse, floss and other hygiene tools organized and ready to use. If a clean bathroom and/or home makes you feel more in control and primes you to stay in control when it comes to food choices, then why not put this concept to the test with our oral hygiene?
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