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Before starting my OSL orthodontic practice in Dover, DE, I was an orthodontic resident at the Medical College of Georgia. I studied many orthodontic researchers, including Dr. Jack Dale. Dr. Dale’s life was memorialized recently by Dr. Jim Vaden in the June issue of the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics(1). Dr. Dale published articles on the benefits of “serial extractions,” also known as “guidance of eruption”, based on a diagnosis of orthodontic records. About 20% of orthodontic patients would benefit from this method, if:

  1. They have severe crowding and eruption problems, as seen in their orthodontic records
  2. They begin the plan at age 7-8 yrs, assuming a Class I dental and skeletal development
  3. They continue to be monitored every 12-18 months for timing of extractions (patient’s dentist)
  4. Braces or aligner therapy is begun at about age 12-13 yrs.

As per Dr. Dale, “[a] thorough knowledge of the dentition and development of the craniofacial complex is required in making a number of key decisions throughout the developmental period.”

Extractions of teeth are prescribed in about 20-25% of patients, depending on the orthodontist’s treatment methods (2). Extractions can reduce lip strain, crowding and improve the overall esthetic outcome of an individual’s smile.  Two patients are shown below had extractions with their orthodontic treatment at OSL:

The pososrofevsosssion of orthodontics attracts those who also share an interest in the arts, science, engineering, health, business, and of course, people! Dr. Dale will also be remembered as a talented portrait artist, one of my hobbies. It was a satisfying coincidence to meet Dr. Dale when I was completing my Board certification exam at St. Louis, MO in February 2003. I appreciated his mentoring and lessons in orthodontics, and sharing his knowledge to help improve outcomes for all of our patients.


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  2. Proffit W.R., “Contemporary Orthodontics” 1993 pgs 225-228


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