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Smile, and Success Smiles Upon You

There is nothing more important than …a good first impression. Having straight teeth may help open the doors to a new partnership, a relationship, or simply a pleasant meeting.

Have you always wanted to fix that one tooth that sticks out? Or close that space in your front teeth? For example, look at Tom Cruise’s early promotional pictures. His career path would have undoubtedly changed without orthodontic treatment.

As we age, our teeth tend to shift and often become crowded, making brushing and flossing more difficult. Can this keep you from showing your best smile?

In 2016, at Orthodontic on Silver Lake, in Dover, we use Invisalign ® , which is

  • Predictable,
  • Comfortable,
  • Wireless


Dr. Steckel and our OSL Team see our patients change their smiles everyday by wearing Invisalign®. We prepare you for the road ahead to your new smile with a review of your orthodontic records and treatment options. Later you can receive a 3D viewer sent to your email so you can track your progress as you change your aligners.


Before you jump in, keep in mind a few lifestyle adjustments you’ll need to ensure optimum results:

  1. You’ll brush more often (as you would with braces) to avoid staining
  2. You’ll remove the aligners to eat, brush, floss
  3. We will place tooth-colored attachments on some teeth- these are key for predictability of your treatment
  4. You can whiten with Invisalign®- ask us how!

If you are ready to get that winning smile, call us at 302-672-7776 to get started today, and in a few weeks you’ll be on the wireless road to a new smile. You can also reach us at doverorthodontics.com.


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