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The Three Keys to Total Smile Creation and Management at Orthodontics on Silverlake (OSL)

  1.   We Know the value of a Good First Impression
  • @OSL-We know our patients! Our patients are seen at their scheduled appointment, and 98% finish their treatment on time or early.
  • There’s no substitute for a complete orthodontic evaluation, and cosmetic treatment planning
  • Dr. Steckel customizes each plan, and gives regular progress updates
  • Everybody wants a Red Carpet smile!


  1.   We Know the Evidence*:
  • Early treatment of Class II malocclusions: Parents and patients need to know 2 phases of treatment may not be better in overall outcome and will cost more in time and dollars.
  • Treatment of Open bite malocclusions: Spontaneous closure (13%-40%) is possible with an orthodontic appliance in the mixed dentition. Open bites are very difficult to treat, and to retain. Dr. Steckel encourages patients to be active participants in making their treatment decisions.
  • Treatment of Class III malocclusions: Young patients with small upper jaws may benefit from early treatment. Other patients with more severe “underbites” may benefit more from waiting and addressing the malocclusion surgically.
  • Retention– Interproximal reduction may help reduce relapse. Bonded retainers are sometimes preferred by patients. Removable retainers provide the opportunity for better oral hygiene.
  • Treatment for Patient Satisfaction: Patients rate their highest satisfaction when treatment results include reduction of overjet, improved dental esthetics, oral comfort and appointment policy

* “Evidence-Based Orthodontics” (Ref: Huang, Richmond, Vig 2011, Wiley-Blackwell)


  1.  We Know the best time to start
  • For 7-10 year old patients- esthetic concerns? Can we combine into one Phase of orthodontics?
  • Tweens-Teens – Are all the teeth present? Impactions?
  • Adults- never had treatment OR had treatment and want to re-create a smile they’ve always wanted
  • For Everybody-Periodontal status? Oral hygiene status? Clenching/Grinding? Oral habits? Oral piercings? Time commitments?
  • @OSL- If you like your smile, wear your retainer! “Every night, for a Lifetime”


October is Orthodontic Health Month. Dr. Steckel and Team OSL believe in helping our patients stay out of sticky situations and keeping their smiles bright!

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