Orthodontics on Silver Lake!

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Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!

In a previous blogpost (Please see Blog for January 2015), I listed "10 Reasons Orthodontics on Silverlake is the Right Choice For You.”

They include how Dr. Steckel and Team OSL meet each patient and 

  • Confirm when is the best time to start treatment, or why waiting to start may be a benefit to you
  • See our patients on time, help our patients finish their treatment plan on schedule
  • Provide regular progress updates
  • Celebrate our patients’ excellent orthodontic results-see our “Before and After Gallery” @www.doverorthodontics.com
  • Revel in the fantastic views at OSL!   


How do we do it??  You’ll know the answer to this in your first visit to OSL- OUR TEAM
Orthodontics is the best profession to be in, and I am thankful to share it with TeamOSL EVERY DAY. 

Team OSL recently attended the annual Invisalign summit. We are so proud that OSL’s own Amy and Amber made the Leaderboard for top scanning times! Call today 302-672-7776 to schedule your appointment and meet #TeamOSL! 


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