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“Ortho: The Next Generation”

Orthodontic education at Augusta University (my alma mater) is alive and well.

It was an honor to meet with and present to the resident doctors this month. These doctors have completed dental school. They are spending an additional 3 years as orthodontic residents to master the intricate details of jaw growth and development, biomechanics, and esthetics.

The Augusta University ortho clinical environment is very cutting edge and uplifting. Every patient is examined and has diagnostic records taken. The records are studied by the residents and their faculty. Treatment options, pro’s and con’s of each option are discussed and a plan is confirmed with the patient in mind.

Some plans seem so straightforward and easy. It’s generally because the plan has been detailed before the start and the patient and doctor communicate well. In reality, most plans are complex, and require attention to multiple details consistently.

The patients at Augusta University Dept of Orthodontics benefit from the faculty supervising the resident doctors for optimum outcomes. Kudos to program chair Dr. Eladio DeLeon, Professor Dr. Weston Fortson, Dr. Levy and the 6 part time faculty for their dedication.

My advice to the residents included:
Know your patients
Listen to your ortho team
Study hard
Be grateful you’re an orthodontist!



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