“I have 2 rows of teeth”

Baby teeth are great space holders for our permanent teeth… until they are not!
We generally lose all of our baby teeth by age 12 years of age.
If they are not lost on schedule, eruption problems with our permanent teeth can occur.
Dr. Steckel sees patients starting at 7years of age and older to evaluate growth, jaw patterns, function, baby teeth, and esthetics to properly time the start of orthodontic treatment.
The patient below  was 15 years old at his first appointment and he had 2 baby teeth.
The baby teeth blocked the permanent teeth and forced them to erupt on his palate. The baby teeth were removed and then the patient started Teen Invisalign therapy. He wore his aligners and finished with all permanent teeth aligned, and a
great smile!
The patient’s comments: “Getting braces was tough at first, but after a while you get used to it. I developed good oral hygiene habits. The appointments are relatively quick and simple with friendly service.” -D.H.
Take HomeTiming is everything- especially with baby teeth. If you have any questions about baby teeth and Teen Invisalign treatment, call us at OSL (302)672-7776.


10 Reasons Orthodontics on Silver Lake is the Right Choice for You!

1. Orthodontics is a life-changing experience for children and adults, and we love seeing our patients get the results they want. Whether it’s through invisalign, teen invisalign, or traditional braces, we have tmom and daughter smilehe right option for you, with flexible payment options that can’t be beat!

2. Our patients are consistently seen on time, from your 1st appointment with us! Take the office tour, and see where you will start your treatment!

3. 98% of our patients finish their treatment on-time or early.

4. All of our OSL team members are certified and use proper infection control procedures. Frequent compliments we receive are that we are “very organized” and have a “very clean office.”

5. Dr. Steckel confirms with you when is the best time to start, and coordinates your care with your dentist. Dr. Steckel is the only local orthodontist serving the Camden, Dover, Smyrna and surrounding areas that practiced as a general dentist prior to specializing, and also has 20 years experience as an orthodontist to optimize your results.

6. “Smile Updates” – Dr. Steckel and the OSL team provide regular updates to keep you and your family informed of where you are on the road to your new smile.

skateboard prize

7. “Super Slide Day”- It’s our summer fun tradition, with great water activities, food, and super prizes! We also have contests every quarter to win great prizes like a skateboard!

8. The views from Silver lake!

9. Testimonial from Malia on January 22: “The most beautiful curve on your body is a smile (or even better a perfect one from Dr. Steckel).”

10. Convenient, flexible appointment scheduling! Call today at 302-672-7776 or fill out our convenient appointment request form on our website at doverorthodontics.com