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Caring for your Invisalign aligners:

Tips for Successful Invisalign/Teen Invisalign Treatment 

1. You are beginning a new daily experience in your life- expect things to be a little awkward at first- this is normal!

2. Wear your aligners as instructed - usually 20-22hrs/day. 

3. Expect some discomfort, as you would have with braces for a few days. 

4. To remove the aligners use the “peel” method from right to left.

5. Always put your aligners in the case we give you- not in your pocket, or paper towel, or any other place!

6. Remove your aligners for meals and brush them before your reinsert them. 

7. When re-inserting the aligners push them over your front teeth. Then apply equal pressure    using your fingertips to the tops of your right and left molars.

8. If recommended, use chewies, elastics to ensure you get the best results with each aligner set!

9. Drink water with aligners in, and only drink water when you are wearing aligners. Avoid sodas, sugary beverages in general as they are damaging to your teeth. 

10. (As said in #1)-Expect things to be a little awkward at first- this is normal! Stick with the plan and you will see improvements in your smile before you know it!

11. Enjoy the Invisalign experience! 


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