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What is it?

As a member of the Orthodontics on Silver Lake Kidz Krew, you get to:

  • Participate in any contest we hold, and
  • Attend our Annual Super Slide Day Party at the end of the school year!


The first contest you can enter is the Kidz Krew contest. This is a special contest that only Kidz Krew members get to participate in! You also get to compete in the other contests that happen in our office. One October, for example, we held a contest to guess the weight of a huge pumpkin! You can check our Facebook page to see the current contest.

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As a member of the Kidz Krew, you get a special birthday puzzle in the mail when your birthday comes around!

Annual Super Slide Day Party

At the end of every school year we hold an Annual Super Slide Day party! Every patient is invited and you get to bring friends and family with you! We have food, contests, drawings, and games! We even rent an inflatable waterslide! We look forward to seeing you!

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