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Keep Your Smile Looking Great After Orthodontic Treatment

Retainer Instructions

You are the person in charge of keeping your teeth straight. –The responsibility is yours.

  • By wearing your retainers, your teeth will settle naturally after treatment and individual teeth will be less likely to shift. Do not be alarmed if small changes occur.


  • Your retainers were custom made for you. PLEASE BRING TO EVERY APPOINTMENT

     Brush your retainers as you would your teeth.

      Floss your teeth or rubber tip as instructed.

    Keep your retainer at home and wear it 12 hours each night. Store it in the case we gave you and keep it away from your dog or other pets.

    Save the stone model in case repairs are needed.

  • Many people wear retainers nightly the rest of their lives with occasional adjustments or repairs.
  • See your family dentist regularly for good dental health.

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